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 why NOT to go to college

A Few Inspired Reasons For Why NOT To Go To College

Let’s cut to the chase. As you’re graduating high school, one of the BIGGEST decisions is ahead of you. Should I dedicate the next 4 (or more likely 5) years of my life to a “post-secondary” institution? We get it, your family is pushing you to do the “right” thing and go because this is the only way you’ll have a successful future. And you can’t blame them…because as bossy and annoying, as some parents seem to be, they most likely want you to have a better career, financial stability, and way of life than they did. But…..we’re in the 21st century folks, and sometimes, when times are tough, it’s up to us to get creative to obtain the way of life that we want to live. So without further ado, here’s a few reasons why not to go to college.


#1: You’re Going Just Because All Your Friends Are Going

I couldn’t think of a dumber way to drown yourself into debt. But it’s tempting. That inner pride that comes out when a classmate asks where you’re going to college…the classic “I’m going to University of [insert college name here] to study [insert major here that you’ll end up changing your mind about]”. Sadly, the stigma that anything other than attending the best university you can get into equals failure, needs to change.

Quick Tip 💡: If you really do want to go  to college, might I suggest attending a community college? Yes, these are a hidden jewel in America, especially to knock out the general education classes while paying a fraction of tuition at a 4 year university.


#2: Chances Are, After Graduation You Most Likely Won’t Have The Top Skills Employers Look For.

Ever heard of the skills gap? It’s been displayed time and time again in pretty colorful charts all over the interwebs and media outlets. People are starting to notice trends between the skills graduates have versus the skills that employers look for, when hiring graduates. It’s a gap, and a pretty wide one at that. Just look at this Wall Street Journal Article that polled just about 8,000 millennials about the strongest skills they believed that they could offer to employers. Most of them considered their so called “soft skills” to be very valuable to employers. However, they were in for a wake up call when the employers surveyed valued other skills like excellent communication skills and solid business relationship skills way more than they valued soft skills.

The result? Hiring managers have to invest more time and money into training new hires in these skills to be competent in the work force. Just another reason on why not to go to college.


#3: You Dream of Starting a Business

Does creating and selling a product or service give you a spark of motivation and energy? If so, entrepreneurship might be for you. Although statistically, most new businesses are doomed to fail, as an entrepreneur, you can pick yourself back up, and move on to the next big business idea. After all, time is on your side, you have your whole life ahead of you to make mistakes, while others can only start gaining experience after finishing their bachelor’s, which gives them almost half a decade of a disadvantage for entering the market. (And we all know timing is crucial to business success.)

On top of that, it’s been said time and time again, that you don’t need a business degree to do business. It’s a simple fact. Why? Because while colleges make business students focus on typing up those knitty gritty theoretical business plans for their courses, the truth is that these students are way better off making connections out in the real world, investing what they would’ve invested in college into funding their businesses, and learning through trial and error.


#4: Debt, Debt, Debt

Look, I don’t mean to be shoving this in your face when it’s well known that debt is crippling graduates. But it’s common knowledge, about 35% of college graduates under 30 are seriously delinquent on their student loans. Just listen to what Greg Gottesman, an entrepreneurship professor has to say about the spiraling tuition costs.

“People talk about healthcare costs spiraling out of control….they’ve risen 250% versus a 1,000% increase in tuition.”

In his TedTalk,  he goes on to talk about the fact that this massive increase in college tuition costs isn’t even justified with an increase in wages because the wages of college graduates have declined in real terms over the last few years. So how the heck can people expect high school graduates not to think about the reasons why not to go to college?? It seems like students in America are getting the shorter end of the stick as time passes by.


You see, the truth is, this business (because it is a business for universities) is a gamble. And unless someone wants to be a doctor, lawyer, or some other profession that requires a college degree, the odds are against your favor. Who knows, you might do just fine and somehow find your true calling and graduate to start a successful career. But on the other end of the coin, you might end up just going through the motions, classes, partying, just to find out in the “real world” that your degree has nothing to do with your day to day job. (Yet you’re stuck paying the price tag for it.) While nothing is guaranteed in life, college isn’t the only way to climb the ladder to success. I urge you to really think about the reasons why not to go to college and even perhaps opt for an affordable community college until you find what you’d really like to do for a career, and you might be pleasantly surprised that with a little bit of hard work, you can totally achieve your career goals without paying a hefty price tag. 😉

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