About the SenseiĀ šŸ˜ƒ

At High School Sensei, we’ve got a mission, to make sure students are as prepared as possible for the “real world” after graduation. I recently graduated high school, where I participated inĀ National Technical Honor Society. I’m also a writer/digital marketing enthusiast.Ā  Now, I am a current community college student studying Marketing, with a handful of experiences and knowledge I think I could pass on.

Growing up while I was in high school, I had lots of questions. Why do I have to go to college? Do I have to take the ACT? Why is everyone freaking out about choosing a career? It would’ve been awesome to find all the answers in one place, and that’s why I created this website. For students andĀ people just like you.

Too many high schoolers dread the uncertainty of what is going to happen after graduation. There’s no Life After Graduation 101 class in high school. So unfortunately, it’s all a part of the growing process. From filling out applications to test taking to figuring out how to pay for college. These are all normal stressorsĀ that more and more students deal with. No matter what a student’s plan is after graduation, it seems like high schools are more concerned in pushing a student to the graduation stage, than preparing them for what comes next. This makes it so clear why students feel lost and disoriented at times.

I hope the articles on this website are of some service to you, and if you ever need help or have questions, feel free to contact me or shoot me an email.Ā šŸ˜‰


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