The #1 Trait You Need To Succeed.

the top success trait patience


In a 24/7 world where literally anything is at our fingertips, from Chinese takeout at midnight, to the new 2-hour delivery on Amazon Prime, patience is something hard to come by. So how has this affected us as career driven, social creatures? And who are we to blame?

It’s easy pointing the finger at all these “tech companies”… the ones who developed instantaneous hand held entertainment (the smart phone), and those that made “free 2-day shipping” the standard in e-commerce.

Don’t forget those who simply sell the perception of time, as which we see first-hand, when people stand on the street waiting for an Uber, (while several cabs pass by). Think about it, if consumers were truly concerned about time, then wouldn’t it make sense to opt for the cab instead of the uber? (A credit to Gary Vaynerchuk on that one.)

It’s true, the amazing developments of innovation in tech from what some call the 2nd Industrial Revolution have truly shifted modern consumerism, but many would argue for the better. On the other side of the coin, traditional retail chains and brick-and-mortar stores have dwindled over the past year, and chances are, this pattern won’t stop anytime soon.

There’s no denying this lack of patience as consumers creeps into our relationships and careers. It’s common practice for single men and women to want to find an instantaneous romantic connection with someone, to the point of going on dates with strangers they found on a dating app. Many of these are quick to get married, start a family, and even file for divorce if things go downhill.

Career-wise, we see hundreds of thousands of college graduates enter the workforce, hoping to land the best paying job as quick as possible (even with the skills gap and all). Aspiring entrepreneurs dream of scaling their business fast and becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg, when in fact “overnight success” is mostly an illusion.

It’s all about the long game. Today’s great entrepreneurs and business tycoons say it repeatedly. The best way to reach a goal, build a business, or master a craft is by building over time, accumulating wealth over time, and being PATIENT. (Plus it wouldn’t hurt to use that in other aspects of our lives as well.)