5 Ideas for What to Do After High School Graduation

what to do after high school

Graduation is steadily nearing. And you’re almost an adult right? So how the frick frack patty wack are you really supposed to know what to do after high school? Well, I wish I could tell you, but I don’t know you, and if I did, that’d be kinda creepy. So instead, I piled up some out of the box ideas on what to spend your newly found time after graduation. Enjoy….. ☕

#1: Volunteer Abroad

But what about the moo-lah? Actually it’s totally possible to volunteer or intern abroad and at least get your room and board covered. It really depends on what organization you plan on partnering with to travel through. As a high schooler, sitting bored in that English class, think about what country you’d be excited to see in real life. Although Google Maps is pretty cool too. Think about what social issues or volunteer topics make you feel passionate, and what kind of cultures you’d like to learn more about. When you have something in mind, start researching organizations that can help you get there. For example, if you live, breathe, and love sea turtles, there’s a cool website called seaturtles.org that lets you scroll through different volunteer destinations who will gladly accept a volunteer. It’s all about saving up some  💵 for the airfare and volunteer program registration dues. After fully planning your finances and schedule, you’re good to go. Happy Traveling!

P.S. Here’s a video about different orgs that you could browse, (in this case she’s taking a gap year)


#2: Learn a Specialized Skill

If going to college doesn’t sounds like your cup of tea, there’s actually plenty of high paying career possibilities that require some specialized skill or technical training at most. Take a look at this Business Insider article on careers that won’t leave you stuck living with your parents for the next few years….but wait until you finish reading this article first. 😉 All of the jobs listed in the article have at least a median annual salary of $55,000 a year. Not bad if you ask me. For instance, my favorite pick from the list is the Elevator Technician gig with a yearly pay of $76,650…and all they require is an on the job apprenticeship. Where do I sign up?

As for where you can learn these specialized skills for the workforce, look around for community colleges or technical high schools who offer specialized non-degree courses for those specialized skills. A simple google search will suffice to find out where these classes are offered near you. If these ideas still don’t float your “what to do after high school” boat, then keep on reading….


#3: Devote Your Blood, Sweat, and Tears to Your Passions

I know, sounds intense huh? But in order to become a master at something, you have to start somewhere. And might as well start now at a point in your life where you have relatively less responsibilities compared to what you’ll have later in life. So….. have a tiny interest in playing the guitar? Think you can be the next Carlos Santana? Then prove it, watch YouTube tutorials, read articles, heck, even get guitar lessons, and plunge into your passion. If in the end it doesn’t work out then you can move on, cross it off your bucket list, and plunge into something else. A quote to keep in mind while you’re pursuing your hobbies…..“Success is moving on from failure to failure without losing one bit of enthusiasm.” That’s right, plus nobody likes an 18 year old whiner, not even your future partner. Here’s some other ideas for you to look into:

Start a Blog

Start a Business

Learn Taekwondo

Practice Coding

Become an Athletic/Gym Hobbyist

Practice Photography

Practice Singing/Songwriting

#4: Join the Armed Forces

Contrary to what many recruiters may talk about as the reasons to join the armed forces, for example, the love for your country, patriotism…etc, surprisingly, many of the force’s members who joined right after high school did it for other reasons. Many did it because they were aimless/ didn’t know what to do after high school, but wanted to travel. Also, not to mention health care benefits, educational aid in the future and “for the free sh*t” as Phoebe Gavin says in this Huffington Post article.

So, if you think you’re up for the challenge and still don’t know what to do after high school, why not research the requirements and benefits of joining any of the branches of the armed forces…..plus, who doesn’t like a [wo]man in a uniform? Raise your hands!


#5: Just Relax

Yeah, I know, may sound totally against what the rest of the article is saying, but heck, you just went to school for like 14 years!! No wonder you’re pondering what to do after high school. Sheesh, I wouldn’t be surprised if you just wanted to sit and do nothing except hang out with friends for the next few months. But hey, eventually you’re going to need some moo-lah, so for those of you who can’t ask Mommy or Daddy for money, a job (any job) will be necessary. So go hang out with friends, party on the weekends, make memories while you’re young. But please….everything with a balance…..try to get some kind of income coming in, until life shows you what next step to take.


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